Welcome to the Daughters Online Community

The Daughters Online Community is a secure, DAR-only website where Daughters may interact with one another and share resources and ideas—similar to the way we have interacted in national committee Facebook groups in the past. Since the launch of the Daughters Online Community in February 2023, national committee Facebook groups have transitioned to this private online community, making it possible to be an engaged DAR member without having a Facebook profile.

When you log in to the Daughters Online Community, you will see a news feed featuring the latest content from the “communities” you have chosen to join. These might be national committee communities, communities related to specific chapter officer roles or communities around specific interest areas. You may add your photograph to your member profile, as well as list your DAR interests and other details. The amazing resources you may struggle to find on Facebook because of the constantly changing algorithm are organized in an easily accessible resource library. The community features a responsive design, meaning it functions well on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone. And you can to choose to receive specific communities’ posts via email in either a digest format or in real-time, allowing you to keep up with the action right from your email inbox.